How to build a skincare routine


How to build a skincare routine


Routines, at least when they come to skincare, are not only important for your skin’s health, but they can be a way to get in a couple of minutes of nourishing self-care. You can put on your favorite song or Youtuber, sit back and take some time for yourself.


So, before you put toner on after your moisturizer, put the cotton pad down, and keep reading to learn how to build a skincare routine that’s perfect for you.


What’s a good basic skincare routine?

For those mornings or nights when you can’t be bothered to do your whole skincare routine, but still need to take your makeup off, the basics will have to do.


What are those basics?

Cleanse aka wash your face

Tone to balance your skin

Moisturize to hydrate and soften



What’s the best skincare routine?

We’re glad you asked bestie. The best skincare routine is, one, custom to your skin’s needs, and, two, it’s a bit more involved than cleanse, tone, and moisturize. And third, rule of thumb says it should happen twice a day.


That’s right, you need a routine for morning and night.


Both your morning and nighttime skincare routine are going to start with cleansing your face. From there? Things get a little spicy with big questions like: what order should I put on skincare products, to double cleanse or not to double cleanse, and more. Let’s get into it.


Here’s a cheat sheet to make it even easier:



Morning skincare routine

Your morning skincare routine is all about prepping your skin for the day ahead.



Like we said, the first step in your skincare routine is always to cleanse your face. You need a fresh canvas to work with. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser to protect your skin.


Then it’s time to set the tone.



Toner helps to balance your skin and treat any issues that might have popped up (we’re looking at the pimples that pop up anytime we eat too much sugar!) Because we all have different skin types, we’ve got a few toner options for you to choose from: balancing, brightening (which is great if you have some totally normal dark spots), clarifying, hydrating.



It’s time to take care of your skin barrier baby. This is also the time to apply your eye cream (use your ring finger!) And any other specific treatments like your Vitamin C serum or Hyaluronic Acid serum. Because we’re about to moisturize and lock all that yummy stuff in.



Your moisturizer is up next. Even if you don't have dry skin, moisturizer will keep your skin smooth and healthy. You want something that’s going to give you a glow and leave your skin hydrated. Good thing we’ve got products that do both.



Apply sunscreen! You’ve got to wear it every day (yes, even when it’s raining and you can’t see the sun). Grab yourself some SPF 30 and make sure your skin is protected. Your skin will thank you.


Also, since we’re all in front of screens all day (we are talking about the 3 hour Tik Tok blackhole), you should protect your skin from blue light as well.

After all this, your skin is ready for the day and whatever makeup you want to put on.


We’ll see you again tonight when it’s time to wash it all away.


Evening skincare routine

Your evening skincare routine is all about recovery and gives you a chance to show your skin some extra love and care.



Cleansing is up first again. But this time? We recommend double cleansing to be 100% sure we got all the dirt, makeup, and grime of our day off.



It’s time to tone again. We’ve got options for you depending on your skin goal- balancing, brightening, clarifying, or hydrating. Toners are great because they help turn over dead skin cells so that you glow!



Need some extra love today? Us too!


Step 1. Put on your favorite mask


Step 2. Relax. You’ve got to pass the time (15-30 minutes) while the mask works its magic — take some selfies, catch up on that show, or Facetime your BFF.


Step 3. Rinse.


When it comes to which mask to use? We’ve got your back. Whether you’re looking for brightening, a reset, calming, a lip mask, or something to depuff your eyes after a late night, you’ve got options!



You know the drill. Grab your favorite serum, warm up the product between your fingers and then gently work in it, trusting the product to do its thing! Remember, this is the time to lay it on, but don’t overdo it!



Time to lock down all the work you just did with a moisturizer and let your skin do the rest while you sleep.


Make it a routine

It may seem like a lot of steps, but once you get in the groove, it’s easy! Remember, your skin care will make a bigger impact on your skin if you make your routine an everyday occurrence. While it may seem overwhelming, having some me-time every day to focus on your skin is relaxing and fun!


So now you know how to layer your skincare and you are ready to do it every day.

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